In Demand Part Two: Choosing a high-needs career field

Closeup of a call center employee with headset at workplace

Last time on Profession Concession, we discussed some of the most in-demand career fields, what they pay and what you’d love about working in them! Today we’re back with more from the Forbes 7 most in-demand jobs. We know that some of you out there might be looking at those accounting and IT positions and thinking, “What the heck, I’m not a math or computer person!” So where are the jobs for those of us who may not want to pursue a master’s degree? How about options for folks with the gift of gab? We’ve got you covered. Read on for more!

Manufacturing And Logistics is a great option for those who favor a technical education path rather than a purely academic one. This “job” should really be divided into about 100 different categories because there really are a whole bunch of options to suit a variety of career palettes. In highest demand is the position of machine operator. These are the ladies and gents who….big surprise….operate machines! At around $19.08 and hour (national average), these jobs are a great foundational position in your manufacturing career. Forklift operators are also in-demand. Expect after a few years of experience, to earn around $16.22 in this position. Almost every facility also needs warehouse laborers who can earn around $14.14 per hour. These positions are great for anyone who enjoys working with their hands and/or is looking for a launchpad into their manufacturing career.

Human Resources is by no means an easy career path, but the reality is that every company of moderate size will need professionals to handle employee issues. So if you are a self-described “people person”, consider a job as a Human Resources Generalist and earn anywhere from the mid-forties to the upper sixties per year with experience. If you favor management,  after you pay your dues, Learning and Development Manager positions can be a great place to advance your career and earn up to $90,000 annually. Human Resources Business Partners, experienced resources to companies on HR issues, are in-demand and earn a whopping $120,000 per year. What’s clear is that your love of people and problem-solving can be a huge asset to your career growth, so why not consider Human Relations?

Office And Administration is a critical part of the public and private sector workforce! Yes, that includes manufacturing. Businesses need intermediate-level administrative assistants and will pay around $20.43 for their services. Customer service is also a high-need area where workers can earn close to 20 bucks an hour when they have some experience under their belts and about $14 an hour starting out. These positions require a diverse range of skill-sets. Customer service employees must have the absolute commitment to serve  others. Administrative workers need a keen eye for details and the ability to work well in a variety of circumstances. If either of these descriptions sound like you, you may have found your calling!

 In the past two weeks, we’ve learned that there really is a huge range of career paths out there for people possessing all sorts of skills and experiences. These positions transcend across industries and provide employees with the opportunity to advance, depending on your own circumstances and dreams! Did you find an interesting career path in this list? If not, what careers are you interested in learning more about?

Until next time-

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