Manufacturer of the Year: Scholle IPN

In October, SVAM honored six Southwest Virginia manufacturers with awards for their outstanding companies. Through this blog series, we would like to highlight the achievements of these manufacturers.


Melinda Roberts, Human Resources Manager

Scholle IPN in Chilhowie, VA was awarded our Manufacturer of the Year award. To learn more about the company and the impact of the award, we interviewed Melinda Roberts, Human Resources Manager at Scholle IPN.

Tell us about your company.

Scholle IPN is an industry-leading performance packaging company focused on bag-in-box, pouch packaging, and packaging components.   We have 19 worldwide sites and the Chilhowie, VA location has been in operation for more than 20 years with production of over 90 million bags produced in 2017.  The facility operates with empowered high performance work teams utilizing Lean and Six Sigma, MDI (Managing Daily Improvements) and strategic planning processes.

Tell us about the program(s) you have implemented that led you to win this award.

Safety – 1st Priority – Pursuit to Zero program requires 100% participation from all employees through a series of monthly safety activities assigned to all departments.  We have 4 Safety Core Values in which we operate by:  (1) I Matter – Nothing we do is worth risking injury (2) I Prevent – All incidents are preventable  (3) I Manage – Safety is a process we will manage.  (4) I am Responsible – I am responsible for the safety of myself & of my teammates.

Quality – 2nd Priority – We have 4 Quality Core Values in which we operate by: (1) I Believe – Believing that quality is our value to our customer (2) I Protect – Protecting our customer’s brand by preventing any quality and food safety incidents.  (3) I Build – Building quality into our systems, services and products every day and every hour.  (4) I am Responsible – Quality is every employee, supplier, and stakeholder’s responsibility.

We have a new Data Acquisition System in which we can have a bird’s eye view of a machines real time performance. We utilize employees for Kaizen Events and Six Sigma projects for continuous process improvements.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is considered a result of inputs from our Safety, Quality, Reactive Maintenance, Changeovers, Supply Chain, Production Scheduling, Continuous Improvement and Employee Engagement Programs.

We have networking teams throughout our company at different locations established for Safety, Quality, C.I. and Human Resources.  These teams collaborate and share best practices among our facilities.

Employee Engagement Program is theme based and helps build morale, teamwork and comradery within our organization.  We spotlight individual and plant contributions and reward employees for their hard work.  We have a variety of activities and goals that directly align with our Corporate Annual goals.

How do you feel your company was set apart from other companies who might apply for this award?

We use a Policy Deployment method in which our workforce becomes part of the business by deciding how to contribute to our strategic objectives.  So….in essence it’s our appreciation and utilization of our people that stands out.

Where do you see the future of your company in regard to being Manufacturer of the Year?

We continue to raise the bar each year with record setting, innovation and process improvements.  We will be growing our business and facility size in the future which will help create more wins for Scholle IPN.

What has winning this award meant to your company? Have there been internal or community impacts of winning the award?

It was a great honor to receive this award, knowing all of the great companies out there and the fact that Scholle IPN was chosen for the award.  We felt a sense of pride with our employees being recognized for their outstanding efforts.  It has allowed us to showcase our success to the community and our corporate group as well.

Any final thoughts or comments?

The greatest asset at Scholle IPN is our people and our daily work and core values in how we operate each day reflect the same.  Working together we unleash our creativity, driving engagement from the front line on up to plant management.  We consistently strive to beat our goals by leveraging our Employee Engagement program, Continuous Improvement, real time problem solving and innovation to remain competitive in an ever changing market.


For more information about Scholle IPN visit their website

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