About the Award Winners: Somic America

In October, SVAM honored Southwest Virginia manufacturers with awards for manufacturing companies who go above and beyond in various categories. Through this blog series, we would like for you to get to know the award winners and learn more about their accomplishments.

SVAM has chosen to offer the Environmental Excellence Award as a way to show the community that manufacturers truly care about the environment in which they live and go to great lengths to minimize their environmental footprint.

Somic America in Wytheville, VA produces quality components for the North American and South American automotive markets. They specialize in the manufacture of ball joints for suspension and steering systems, and rotary dampers for seat and tailgate applications.

Somic America is dedicated to doing everything possible to have the smallest environmental footprint. They have a dedicated Safety and Environmental Manager who works diligently each day to make sure that they are abiding in all laws and regulations. They have monthly safety and environmental audits throughout the facility and recycling containers throughout the facility for plastics, aluminum, and paper. They also recycle all of their scrap metal and carbide through reputable vendors. They are able to turn their wooden pallets into fuel for a local lumber mill for the drying of local hardwood, further reducing their landfill waste.

Somic America has an aluminum arm material waste stream for their new Subaru control arm project. This process requires the wet machining of 6061 aluminum and produces waste coolant and aluminum shavings. The easiest way to dispose of the aluminum is to simply dump the shavings into a metal bin and send to recycling. However, Somic America took the initiative to invest more into the waste process to have less environmental waste. They invested in a state of the art aluminum briquette machine that presses all of the coolant out of aluminum chips and makes a solid slug of aluminum that can be transported easier. They are able to reclaim more than 95% of the coolant from the process in this manner which is ran through filtration and re-used instead of wasted when dumping the chips.

To find out more about Somic America visit www.somicamerica.com.

Somic Enivronmental Excellence

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